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Rick Grosso has developed a library of material to help growing home improvement companies over his 40+ years in the industry. That material is available to you very affordably in the form of books, audio, and video. Choose the format that best suits your learning style and immediately gain access to industry knowledge and experience that took decades to obtain.


Lights, camera, close that sale! Rick Grosso has exported his know-how to both audio and video giving you and your sales crew the opportunity to take in his vigor and ideas anytime, anywhere. All Rick Grosso tapes are recorded live at his most popular seminars capturing the animated enthusiasm Rick effectively uses to spread his proven methodology to his audience.

Repetition is the key to remembrance.

  • Use Rick’s videos as training media to help you build the most powerful sales team you’ve ever had.
  • Listen to Rick’s tapes while traveling to mentally prepare for your next presentation while absorbing the knowledge and skills that will make you a master closer.

2 CD Set Audio Program

Yes I am a Closer – $100
Set of 6 state of the art audiocassettes featuring the In Home sales techniques that give salespeople everywhere a solid closing method.

Ready Aim Goal – $100
Set of 6 state of the art audiocassettes and a workbook that create the mind set for success and featuring live excerpts from Rick’s acclaimed Closer’s Camps.

Expert answers on: Closing, Price Objections, Buyer Reluctance and Indecision, Building Trust.

Get All 6 DVDs below
+ The 2 CD Set For $1247

Convince Them, Close Them & Keep Them – 5 DVD Program – $649
1. 10 Steps To The Sale
2. Price Conditioning
3. Seeding & Layering
4. Closing With 3rd Party Stories
5. Stopping Cancellations

6. Rick Grosso’s Closing Methodology – $398

Seminar Prices

6 DVDs + 2 CD Set – $798
5 DVD Program – $549
Rick Grosso’s Closing Methodology – $298