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"Back to the Future" With Canvassing

By Rick Grosso, CSP Years ago when the earth was young and I first started selling home improvements, the standard way to obtain leads was by canvassing door to door. Today, 30 years and a generation later, as they say in the movie "Poltergeist"..."I'm...

A Referrals Checklist: Seven Steps to More - and Better - Referrals

By Rick Grosso, CSP Ask a salesperson to describe his or her ideal working conditions and you'll probably get a long list of "dreams" - pre-sold leads, higher closing and retention averages, bigger commissions… you get the idea. Well, these situations a...

Building Successful Salespeople

By Rick Grosso, CSP I have always advocated that to be successful in our business you must perfect a masterful presentation. Making that presentation involves mastering relationship skills, listening skills, and the art of don't tell them - ask them...

Close Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

By Rick Grosso, CSP When I was a young, inexperienced salesman, my manager asked me "Are you a salesman or a professional visitor?" In spite of what I thought of my sales ability, it seemed the only thing that I was closing was my bank account. Now...

Objections Are Part of the Selling Process

By Rick Grosso, CSP Rarely does it happen that an insurance agent will move from the presentation stage to the close without running into objections. They're part of the selling process. Objections allow the prospect the opportunity to better understand...

Selling with Value

By Rick Grosso, CSP Bill Parcells, former coach of the New York Jets, once said: "Anything worth doing has a price." A perfect example is the way we earn a living. When we work for someone, we are literally selling a portion of our time - in fact,...

Successful Selling

By Rick Grosso, CSP Inaction... One of the Deadliest Sins in Sales Someone once said, "those who succeed do; those who don't succeed think about doing." This observation is also true in the insurance industry. The number one reason for failure an agent's...